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Affordable Prices

At Sprinkler Repair Team, high quality sprinkler repair services are offered in an efficient way. The services are affordable and there are many satisfied customers who suggest our service to others. There are different packages to choose from. Major and minor repairs will be completed with the help of our technicians in an efficient manner. You can call us at 888-438-0283 to know more about our services.


Custom sprinkler repair Services

At Sprinkler Repair Team, sprinkler repair service is offered as per your expectations. The most common issues faced by customers are presented through the basic service package. Some of the popular services offered by us include controller check and setting, valve & pipe checkup, Head Service & Tune Up, Replacing Spray Heads, Repairing Spray Heads and repairing stations. There are monthly, quarterly and additional services as per the frequency requested by you. The frequency of visits can be increased if you have to go through more number of visits.


Quick service

Quick service is offered to our privileged customers. Comprehensive repairs will also be accomplished by our technicians. After going through the extensive troubleshooting systems, the minor repairs will be completed on the same day. If there are major issues where replacement is required, second visit will be paid.

Call us now at 888-438-0283 to know more about different kinds of services offered by us.

Best customer support and experience

The Sprinkler Repair Team sprinkler repair services are offered with complete transparency. You will have complete control on the order that is placed by you. Through one point of contact all your issues will be addressed. The customer as well as technical issues will be resolved through an efficient mechanism.

Sprinkler Repair Team sprinkler repair inventory

Sprinkler Repair Team sprinkler repair service manages inventory so that the repairs will be completed quickly to your utmost satisfaction. The replacement will be done with right kinds of spare parts. The tools and equipment used to work with the pipes, heads and valves are robust. Quality standards are maintained in the repair as well as replacement process. You can contact us at 888-438-0283 so that our services can be utilized without any hesitation.

Consultation and estimation services as complimentary

Very high level of service is delivered to customers so that the sprinklers can be managed efficiently. There will not be leakage through pipes and valves. You will get a quick estimation so that our services can be ordered without any delay.

Highest level of safety

The Sprinkler Repair Team is committed to offer highest level of safety and security during the operation. The operations are licensed, insured and bonded so that you can certainly make the most of your investment. In addition to the procurement of quality materials, experienced personnel will attend the issues.

Highest levels of integrity

The service comes with warranty ranging from six months to one year. The controllers will come under 3 year warranty. The repair and replacement of sprinkler systems are done with our experienced staff. You can call us to utilize our trustworthy services.

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